We started, many years ago, with publications like the quarterly magazine ‘Hospitality’. In the past, as the first ones in Poland, we introduced to the market new publishing ideas, such as Hotel Product Catalogues and the Handbook for Hotel Investors.

For many years, they have been at the forefront for publications available in the market. Changes in the publishing market, as well as gradual change of our business’s profile verified our publishing capacity.

However, we are still devoted to the educational and business-orientated value of publications which can be picked up and reviewed whenever you have a moment. The internet, although being a source of a vast amount of information, will never be able to replace that. Starting from 2018, the Hotel Market Institute (IRH) will only be issuing the Handbook for Hotel Investors.



Another issue of the yearly publication entitled ‘The Handbook for the Hotel Investor’ has been published. In this year’s edition we have paid more attention to the topic of hotel design, which is currently the most important element of creating original and high-margin hotel products. A high quality design is difficult to obtain, it is expensive and difficult to evaluate. However, it is certainly worth the effort due to the fact that it quickly translates into having a higher end business.

Similarly to the previous issues, the magazine has been complemented with deep analyses of the hotel market in Poland.
We would like our Handbook (including your advertisments), just like the previous editions, to be a must have for hotel owners and directors, thanks to its rich content and appeal.

The Handbook is vastly distributed to fairs and events in Poland such as Invest Hotel Poznań, World Hotel Warszawa, and HoReCa Kraków, as well as meetings and workshops organised by the IRH Hotel Market Institute. We have also planned to send magazines to hoteliers, investors, hotel developers and architectural design studios currently involved in the Market.