Managerial Training Courses

Training courses within the IRH Hotel Manager Academy are conducted by hotel trade professionals and trainers. Our lecturers are practising hoteliers with vast teaching experience. The aim of each training course is to maximize your knowledge, as well as to boost sales, improve the quality and reduce a hotel’s costs.

The Hotel Manager Academy is based on the knowledge and experience that we have been sharing with you since 2006. The programme of the first edition of the Academy was prepared in coopareation with HotelSchool de Hague, one of the world’s best universities educating future hotel managers.

Since then, within 10 years, we have organised over 400 training courses, and trained over 3500 hoteliers from the hotel trade in Poland. We have also developed new training programmes – that were very often inspired by the course participants, which we are grateful for.

Our coaches are perceived by the Academy participants as the best in Poland. Such an opinion is frequently expressed in evaluation surveys and by the constantly increasing number of managers who want to cooperate with us to improve their skills, as well as their workers’. Our training courses take place in Warsaw. Both independent hotels’ and hotel chains’ hoteliers from all around Poland meet there, which is also a great opportunity to make contacts and exchange experiences between people who work in hotels in different locations.

Detailed information concerning managerial training courses can be obtained from:
Ewa Behrendt
tel. kom. 537 137 437
e-mail: [email protected]